On-site Business Computer Services in Lehigh County

Information Technology Consulting

* Network and Software Troubleshooting.
* Installation and Configuration.
* Performance Optimization and Fine Tuning.
* Hardware, Software, Servers. 
* Infrastructure Refreshment Projects
* Wireless Access, Mobile Devices and Network Security.
* Maintenance of Local and Wide Area Network Connections.
* Workstations, Printers, Routers, Firewalls.
* Disaster Planning, Data and Virus Protection.
* System Design and Installation.
* Office Relocation Support

Computer Crash Recovery

‘One of our computers just crashed!’
‘What do we do now?’...

During a system crash, it is important to ask the right questions. Should we start fresh with a new computer and restore the data?... What is the value of the crashed PC?... What is the value of the Data?... These are some of the questions Network Directions can answer in the event of a computer crash. One of our best strategies for dealing with this is to have a spare computer ready for use.

Lost File Restoration

‘Are my files gone forever?’...

There are methods of recovering lost files from failing hard drives, flash drives and even digital camera memory cards.

Internet Troubleshooting

‘The Internet is down again!’...

Fixing an internet connection is done by isolating the failure of a device, a device setting or that of your ISP provider.

Network Issues

‘The network and servers are too slow!’...

Network issues can be resolved or a suitable workaround can be devised to get your staff back to work as soon as possible.

Business Optimized Computer Setups

Computer setups are “individually crafted” with great pride and attention to detail. Your machines can be consistent throughout the office; optimized for speed, efficiency and fully customized to meet your business needs.

Staff Transitions & Tech Resources

As one staff member leaves the company and new person arrives, let’s make sure they have everything needed. Nothing confidential from the previous user should be left behind. Achieve a graceful transition by pro-actively managing email, desktops, files, security and programs.

Data Backup Systems

‘Do we have a backup?’...

Is your company ready to access your data backup in a disaster recovery? No one will ever come into your business office and require you to protect and secure your files. Business owners need to be sure that their company data is backed up effectively. File Backup Systems are only part of the solution. Data and System Recovery Plans are just as important.

Virus or Spyware Attack

We handle computer viruses…

When you get a virus, the first step is to check your backups. Be sure that all of your important files are safely backed up to a location off of your PCs hard drive. Virus and Spyware removal is an everyday task for the Network Direction technician.

System & Software Upgrades

There is always something that should be upgraded or replaced. The method is to identify the improvement that provides the greatest return in value by reducing costs or increasing productivity.

Regular Computer Maintenance

Maintain, Repair or Replace… How to decide…

Many tech issues can be completely avoided with regular care and maintenance. The decision to actively maintain the office systems is made by considering all the options and identifying the best ROI.

Server Installations

Network Directions can guide your company through the ‘New Server Process’ from start to finish.

System Performance Tuning

‘This computer is too slow!’...

Regular performance tuning can drastically improve the speed of your computer. Backup important files. Replace slow settings and optimize for speed. Check Anti-Virus software. Remove unneeded programs. Remove junk & temp files. Scan & Fix registry errors. Defrag the Registry. Consider hard drive space. Optimize network settings. Install updates. Remove browser tool bars. Clean dust from inside of chassis. Optional items as needed.

Replacing Your Current Technician

Perhaps your current tech cannot resolve your issues, is not meeting your needs, or just doesn’t show up anymore. Try Network Directions!

Buyer’s Agent

Network Directions is not a ”Vendor”…

Rather than selling you products at an inflated price, we work with you as a “Buyer ’s Agent”. ND will specify, purchase, install, and configure both the hardware and software that best fits your organization. Our clients believe that this is an excellent value.

Detailed Record Keeping

‘Do you have the passwords?’...

Consider all the time lost looking for Technical Info, Registration Keys, Passwords and Connection details. Here is a bit of wisdom used by rapidly growing companies. “Never write technical information on a post-it note, a piece of paper, or even in a notebook”. Network Directions can show you the best ways to manage that confidential tech info.

Development Topics

- Easy on the Tech Speak
- Tech Coaching for Business Owners
- Personal or Group Training for Software Users
- The Hot Spare Computer - Preventing Lost Productivity. 
- Contingency Planning
- Customized Systems
- Detailed Installation Records - Archived Configuration Info
- Identify and Eliminate Tech Failure Points
- Preparing To Have Fewer Tech Emergencies
- Managing Upgrades & Updates 
- Customized Periodic Maintenance Procedures
- Development of Long Term technology Plans
- Managment of Software Support Incidents
- Optimization of Current Tech Investments

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